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go up to sB

就是靠近某人(sb.pron. 有人;某人)

go up to sb.靠近某人

go up to主要有三个意思,一是进城,二是到达,三是去上大学。


go out 出去;熄灭;过时 go out to 对…充满同情;(心)向往

He warned me of my behavior. He goes up to my desk. 答题不易,满意请采纳谢谢

go with sb [释义] 陪…一起去; 与…持同一看法; 跟…谈恋爱; 伴随…; [网络] 和某人一起去; [例句]( of sb not engaged to marry) go out regularly with sb of the opposite sex; have a serious long-lasting relationship (指未订婚的人)与某...

不是啊 Let's dress up and go out to dinner.what? 我们打扮下,出去吃午饭吧什么? I want to dress up as a vampire. 我想要装扮成吸血鬼。 I dress up occasionally.you have a problem with that? 我偶尔也打扮下你有什么问题吗? All the men...

去找某人 牛津英语有

正确句型是:let sb do sth意思是“让某人做某事” 所以说:let her go 是正确的。 let , make , have 是使役动词, 后面做宾语补足语的不定式不带to let英 [ let ]美 [ lɛt ] 允许,任由;让,随;假设;出租; I love sweets but Mum doesn't l...

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